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Most people know that I’m working to uncover lies and fraud.  It’s more than a time consuming task, but the liars are stupid enough to believe that everyone too is blinded by greed, very petty greed, so we’ll be more than smiling during many trips to the courthouse.  For legal reasons, I gotta be vague.

No worries about the legal mess.  I honestly can’t wait to write about it. People are gonna say, “Ain’t no way all this crap happened. Writers gotta make their stories believable!”   😦  Just remember, truth is stranger than fiction. But I do wonder if I’ll have to tell lies to make the story believable… Crazy, huh? 

I have more than my fair share of distractions, so my publications are slow.

I just wrote a shorty I hope to publish in the next two days, because I honestly just want to put something new out there.

Anyway… The whiskey; I think I tasted the stuff once, pretty sure it was whiskey, burnt my mouth and throat so much that I didn’t experience an actual flavor. But in my story, the bourbon has a flavor and aromas and talk about experiences of lingering taste, and it has a specific name. So, I’m gonna research the fire water and get back to editing.

I’m in the closet for two days.  Research, baby!

Happy creating!!! 😀