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The Crime Report

Written By Vonda Norwood

A humorous erotica tale


Lena Harris and Blake Williams


From the Beginning

Behind a closed door of an eight-by-five interview room, Detective Arnie Thompson placed a small, black device on a wood table and he explained to Miss Lena Harris that her side of the story would be recorded. Beneath squares of fluorescent lighting, the two sat on metal chairs and they faced each other across the table. The detective tugged once on each white shirt cuff. He then pointed to Lena’s blouse and cleared his throat.

Lena’s blue eyes fluttered. “I know, you already told me.” She smiled toward her lap and grabbed the bottom tips of her open, pink blouse. Black, tussled hair swayed in front of her shoulders. “The first time, he only got two middle buttons.” The twenty-two-year-old pulled wrinkled material, and a folded collar came together at her throat, and torn, pink threads met with button holes and covered the gap of bare skin between her breasts. “But the second time,” she grinned at Thompson. Her eyes widened. “…all the buttons popped.” Above the young woman’s pleated and hip hugging, pink skirt, she tied the blouse and made a bow above a dime-size slit of an innie bellybutton. Thin material wrapped B-cups. Lena’s nipples were smooth and a shade darker than the blouse. At the back of her head, she gathered wavy hair and dropped the strands, which then fanned across her shoulder blades. “Is that better?”

Detective Thompson intertwined long, broad fingers and he rested his hands and arms on top of the table. “From the beginning, please.”

“Okay.” Lena breathed in slow and deep and then she exhaled groaning. Her lips pressed together tightly and then they popped open. “I broke up with Josh because he lost his boner at the park.”

“Central Park?”