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Sanctuary cities are places where the slave masters meet and greet and then disperse their products.

If an illegal immigrant cries; rape, or my children have been rapped, or my children were kidnapped, or I’m being used as a sex slave, or all I wanted was a job, but to get to America I had to swallow 20 bags of cocaine and ride in a van filled with toy animals which were stuffed with explosives, does their voice get heard?

If you people actually cared about crimes against humanity, you’d pay attention to knowing about all the crimes citizens commit against citizens and then you would know that those crimes are committed a billion more times against people who are not supposed to exist inside this country.

Those who support illegal immigration, those who want you and me to see illegal immigration as just the less fortunate trying to make a better way for themselves, are the ones making a lot of money off of stolen identities, drug trafficking, pedophiles and other forms of human trafficking.

Illegal immigration has NOTHING to do with immigration. It has everything to do with people feeding the needs of those who are the worst predators on earth.

Being pro illegal immigration is being pro human trafficking.

Just keep pretending that you give a damn about human beings. Obviously, to me, you all believe life’s about nothing more than picking the side that you believe will help make you popular.

If an illegal immigrant falls dead in the woods, or somebody’s basement, does it make a sound when no one knew if was around?

“They like me, they really like me!”


You fuckers need to check your bleeding hearts!

Sincerely, Vonda Norwood

I found the photo when I googled sex trafficking.