A Girl Named Jack

August 2015


Over a year ago, saw a neighbor man with his new pup. I watched him and his family enjoy that growing dog’s company. In passing, I met the man once. He seemed kind, and was very attentive to his two toddlers and to that pup.

Here and there, over a year, I saw the pup grow. Male or female, I didn’t know. Happy dog, happy family… But yesterday, before the bout with a hostile wanderer, I was on the balcony, editing. I saw a dog sniffing around, desperately searching for someone. I thought I recognized it to be the one I saw with that family, but as it came up the walk toward me, it was so thin that I didn’t think it to be the one I was used to seeing.

The dog looked up at me, I tell ya, if she could have used words they would have been, “Help. Have you seen my family?” She whimpered, and when I asked, “What’s wrong?” she whimpered then howled.

I ran down the stairs and to the front door. The man who lives across the street, was on his way to his truck, I asked if he knew about the dog, he came over and explained that he knew the original owners, they moved, gave the dog to someone around the corner. He was shocked as I, seeing how thin the dog was. He told me the dog’s name was Jack, and when she heard that name, her ears perked, she hopped and wagged her tail. No doubt, Jack was her name, and no doubt Jack knew this neighbor well.

Long story short, the family couldn’t take the dog when they moved, gave her to a neighbor who gave her to another neighbor who, eventually came to my house to claim her back, but first she had to hear me say, “She’s been neglected beyond belief, and if you cared for her she’d have a license, a collar, she wouldn’t be searching around for her original owner.”

The woman told me that she just got the dog, it was neglected by the last owner, and it got out when her child opened the door.  That was easy for me to believe. Jack, she would search for that original family. I know she would. So I let her take Jack home, but I did tell her that if Jack showed up at my door, “You no longer will have a dog.”

THEN… The man from across the street returned home, he brought over dog food, and a leash for me to use until I could get my own. I explained what the woman said, and boy was he disappointed. A few minutes later he returned with his neighbor, and the two men explained that the woman I gave the dog to, was asking around for someone to take the dog. They said the dog was out all day, roaming the streets, sleeping behind vehicles.

I ABOUT HAD A FREAKIN HEART ATTACK.  Why would she lie and take the dog if she wanted to find it a home???  Both men said they would capture Jack and bring her to me if they saw her roaming around.

30 minutes later: The woman who I returned her to, walks up with Jack on a leash, I was editing on the balcony, she told me that she explained to her kids that it was best to give the dog to me, because they were leaving town for a couple days and she didn’t want no dog being alone in her house while they were gone.

I was polite and said thank you, while my neighbors gave me smiles and thumbs up.

Now, my girls and I have a girl dog whose name is Jack.


August 2015

Jack spoiled Jack is so hilariously spoiled! Anytime someone tells her no, she comes to me, nudges my arm with her nose and then directs me to the person who denied her something. LOL NOBODY TELLS JACK, NO.

December 2015

Jack glad im PNG

My dog, her name is Jack. I didn’t name her. She came to me when she was lost and starving. Now she’s mine. We get along great, except when she believes she has the right to steal my spot on the bed.
When I was gone, she howled and cried day and night, and she didn’t sleep in my spot. She slept at the foot of the bed. When Katie and Em wore their headphones and got caught up in teenage bliss, Jack showed us all what she thought about me being gone. She chewed up my comforter, ripped my sheets to shreds and tore, not a single pillow, but every pillow case on that bed.

She’s pleased that I am home and we continue to fight for position on the bed. What you gonna do? LOLOLOLOL