Dear Diary

7/28/2016 7:30 PM:

Twitter is filled with Memes about North Korea threatening the USA. North Korea is like a woman who gets pregnant every year just so her welfare check will go up and then she has a fit because the department of social services makes her stand in line.

Apartment next door has been quiet for a couple of weeks. It’s nice, but I’m not going to get used to nothing weird going on.

I’m not going to vote, because I don’t want anyone to win the presidency. Both are liars who know we know they’re liars and yet still support them. No integrity within these two. Just, you wash my back and I’ll wash yours. This is what happens when people devote themselves to what propaganda can win. I predict Hillary will win and then Trump will be all, “She’s fabulous.”

There is one man who I’d like to see become president after this upcoming disaster is over. But I fear he will commit to wooing Evangelicals so hard that he will turn off majority of voters. Most common folk don’t like a cult-like feel mixed in with their politics. I know that I certainly don’t.

What ya gonna do, what can ya say, when people get caught up in promoting the wrong way?

Break time for me. Family time. Midnight = editing time. TIC TOCK-TIC TOCK!

Happy creating something entertaining without promoting a politician!




5/26/2016 3:22 AM:

I guess my neighbors are gone or sleeping off their two day event. Whatever it was, at least the creepy singer man has shut up. Anxiety ridden, talkin about drugs and drug users, and places been to where security looked out for possible police intrusion.

Sometimes removing dog crap from my yard ain’t as much fun as it should be. :-/

Anyway…  Regarding my title Mean Bone, Joan’s body needs personality and what she has now needs to be adjusted.

Happy creating! 😀


5/25/2016 4:36 AM:

Dear Diary, I believed I understood about engaging senses, but nope. Maybe I almost did. Perhaps I do now, but not to perfection.

I’m happily creating! 😀



It is absolutely horrible for people to need to find blame and vent hostility every time something goes wrong. These people attack, even when there is no foe. They create one, or take out their frustrations on anyone. I don’t understand ’em.

GOOD GRAVY! I’m writing this and someone just broke a glass in the kitchen, ah, I hear it is my glass coffee cup. Now I’m down to one left. NOTE time and date and that I am NOT in the kitchen. I did not break it. They always say I break ’em. HAH!  Lots of toddler and pet wrangling going on… No one blaming, just ensuring safety so glass can be cleaned up. Toddler mad cuz she cannot help. LOL


I don’t understand why people have to make their bad situations worse by acting out. I don’t understand people who don’t step back and think of a way to make the bad situation easier to manage. Sometimes bad things can’t be easier, I get that, but WHY MAKE THEM WORSE?

It’s just sad.

They’re finished cleaning the kitchen. I’m gonna put shoes on and discover what was missed before the toddler or pets do.