Talk To Me

Talk To Me.


Talk to me!

I am young, only in mind. Sad for me you are in mind and body.

The mind and body are one and the same in spirit.

Set your spirit to soar and explore, as one from me, with your mind and body be free.

Freely they have joined and they have soared… Now perched for you to explore.

If only I were free to teach a class, I would have you, front and center, but alas…

Unwise! Jealously, I shall hold my Master’s attention.

Responsible, I care to be, for your tutelage, easily.

My knees Stand between my Master’s feet, my head upon thy knee.

Then, it must be.

Pleases me, thoughtfully, willingly, you receive me.

You understand freely, privately, Master shares and teaches, only thee.

Grateful to you I shall be… Please, take hold, guide me.

To feel you pleased, my mind and body shall freely join – most anxiously!

Master, talk to me.

Yes, lovely Charge… My spirit soars guiding thee nearer to me.

Words are the means for Master and me, to be free.

Share that-which is not free, in reality.

Talk to me…

Written By,
Vonda Norwood
Happy Creating πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Talk To Me”

  1. My love – intangible but grasping, dictatorial yet so submissive, a world of fertile plains and darkened forests and I’ve been lost and wandering in both.

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  2. roylmurry425 said:

    I know I am a better lover.

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