The Law Man Punishes

Book two of the two-book series titled, The Law Master and Pet.

Sexually Explicit

Written and edited by Vonda Norwood

This introduction is written from Professor William Garnet’s perspective. It is a recap of The Law Man.


Vonda Norwood


A lonely, older man and a bored, young woman show us that age means nothing when attitude is everything.

The introduction is written from Professor William Garnet’s perspective. It is a recap and continuation of book one, The Law Man.

Vonda Norwood


At age sixty-one, I got butt-naked in my classroom and then I used an old wood ruler to spank the bare ass belonging my twenty-one-year-old student, Mary Evans. Our instincts met when I was consumed with frustration caused by Ms. Rowe. She’s a fellow professor, who led me on just to abuse then reject me. Reject me… She was the one who came on to me! The moment our lips met, she grabbed my balls and squeezed the crap out of them. I didn’t kiss her. I used my mouth to push her away, and that’s when she informed me that I had issues with hostility. For months afterwards, she wandered the campus halls telling women professors that I was a very rough kisser. Rough kisser… I didn’t kiss her!

Mary, she was too young. No, I was too old. But when our needs met, they took damn good care of each other. I really enjoyed the bossy way she made sure I knew that if I wanted her, I had to dominate her. That day when she slipped out of my classroom, her aroma remained on skin. Warm pumpkin pie and sweet vanilla… I shuddered in my chair while inhaling again and again. I nearly hyperventilated, but then students streamed into the room. I scrambled out of there, drove home, and took a shower. Long dark hair, light-brown eyes, and a small and round, firm ass… I had to stand under cold water for an hour before my dick relaxed enough to reunite my brain with common sense! That night, I called Mary and told her we could never again sexually associate.

The next time she joined my class, I was relieved, but saddened by how well she respected my wishes. Every moment dragged. When the next semester came around, Mary didn’t. I sat in my classroom for weeks gazing at the double doors at the top of the steps, which were behind the rows of heads belonging to the pupils I ignored. Day after day, my mind drifted back to when Mary pressed her palms against those doors while insisting I not be gentle with her. I hated that she had to stifle her squeals but loved how doing so caused her body to tremble against mine. The panties she gave me, I kept them in the top drawer in my bedroom dresser as a reminder of pleasure I would never again experience, until…